Thomas Verhoef has battled his way through a long series of startup challenges, losing a lot and winning a few, the way it seems to go when being an entrepreneur.In several areas, he has worked together with gifted people making productswhere he feels he is proud of: A digital service platform, a dating app basedon the mode of transportation, a one-stop shop second-hand car buying platformto name a few. Having taken valuable lessons from all of them, he now spendshis time developing Pinwin, a smart city application where the user can findits way easily in an unknown city, enriched with extra information to guide himalong the way, based on his persona.In his spare time, he enthusiastically writes about digital topics, ranging across the board, trying to make sense of the whole digital revolution to the Jane & John Doe's of this world.Oh, and if you don't know what to wear and want to be wit about it, wink wink,check out Cultureboy, a Belgian clothing brand he founded with his girlfriend!

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