Creativity, lateral thinking and the capability to link facts, figures and elements together is one of my most valuable asset! I regularly 'see' possibilities where other people does not. I love developing and improving products, markets, tools, process but do not ask me to execute a repetitive task! I used this capability as a commercial (leading a commercial team), to initiate and lead disruptive projects, to lead process improvement team (Lean) also during an outsourcing process. Six years ago I decided to walk the talk and take the step towards renewable energy financing (up to EUR18 mio). During this period I integrated the sustainable economy way of thinking (I do not like to call in circular economy to avoid confusion with recycling). To accelerate the shift towards this new/next economy, I am now also working on the emergence and development of new business models which could afterwards be financed. There I can really practice all I know and can! Creativity, analytical skill, people management, risk management, renewable skills... See you soon to cooperate?


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Renewable Energy and Sustainable Economy Expert