David has been in the automotive industry for 32 years in leading roles at OEMs, T1’s and business services suppliers.David works closely with the Inmarsat team to help bring all the benefits ofsatellite to automotive manufacturers and T1 suppliers. David has a long-history working with industry leaders in interim and consultancy roles on auto tech, IoT and M2M applications. Roles have included automotive M2M and connected vehicle implementations to IoT-focused smart farming and intelligent transport initiatives. David also has a strong auto technology M&A background and often works with OEM’s and T1’s on both buy and sell-side mandates. David is an early stage investor in several technology sectors including AI in the automotive domain.David has worked for a global OEM as aftersales director and many of the globalOEMs in the automotive aftersales business services & technology sectorsdelivering managed data solutions and SaaS platforms as the CEO of the UK-basedClifford Thames Group.

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